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UN assessment of development in Tajikistan
UN finance exam
UN pension system
UN security phase III situations
Unaccompanied and separated children in the tsunami-affected countries
UNAIDS/UNHCR cooperation framework
UNAIDS/WHO policy statement on HIV testing
UNDG guidance note on durable solutions for displaced persons
UNDG-ECHA working group on transition issues
UN-HABITAT contribution to the Standing Committee of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme
UNHCR - the e-Centre
UNHCR account codes
UNHCR agreements for sub-projects
UNHCR and microfinance in Afghanistan
UNHCR and the military
UNHCR and the Millennium Development Goals
UNHCR annual programme budget
UNHCR assistance in Yugoslavia
UNHCR assistance to palestine refugees
UNHCR Branch Office Accra
UNHCR Code of conduct
UNHCR Committee on Contracts
UNHCR community roads rehabilitation support
UNHCR delegation of financial signing authority
UNHCR drug management manual
UNHCR electronic records policy
UNHCR environmental guidelines
UNHCR essential drugs list for procurement
UNHCR Field Office Accounts
UNHCR fighting HIV/AIDS together with refugees
UNHCR financial management accountability booklet
UNHCR financial rules
UNHCR flight request
UNHCR good practices on gender equality mainstreaming
UNHCR guidelines on the sharing of information on individual cases
UNHCR handbook for planning and implementing Development Assistance for Refugees (DAR) programmes
UNHCR handbook for registration
UNHCR Handbook for repatriation and reintegration activities
UNHCR handbook for self-reliance
UNHCR handbook for the military on humanitarian operations
UNHCR health and nutrition IOM-FOMs
UNHCR, HIV/AIDS and refugees
UNHCR HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Programme
UNHCR Integrated Systems Project
UNHCR interview evaluation sheet
UNHCR job descriptions
UNHCR learning policy and guidelines
UNHCR Logo revisions and guidelines
UNHCR micro-credit programs in Benin and Togo
UNHCR mission statement
UNHCR Oversight Committee
UNHCR Peace Education Programme (PEP)
UNHCR policy on harmful traditional practices
UNHCR policy on individual consultants
UNHCR policy on internet access to the world-wide web via UNHCR InterNet facilities
UNHCR policy on refugee women
UNHCR policy on the establishment of external websites by offices in the Field
UNHCR Policy regarding Refugees and AIDS
UNHCR procurement and logistics workshop
UNHCR Project Staff
UNHCR recruitment checklist
UNHCR security policy
UNHCR staff training module working with the military
UNHCR strategic plan for malaria control
UNHCR sub-office Kenema - non food items distribution for refugee camps
UNHCR telecommunication network system for UNHCR and IP's in South and Eastern Province
UNHCR tool for participatory assessment in operations
UNHCR training activities for implementing partners and government counterparts
UNHCR water manual for refugee situations
UNHCR's age and gender mainstreaming pilot project
UNHCR's emergency preparedness and response capacity
UNHCR's environmental guidelines, forestry and animal husbandry handbooks
UNHCR's global objectives and indicators of progress
UNHCR's handbook
UNHCR's operational experience with internally displaced persons
UNHCR's operational framework for repatriation and reintegration activities
UNHCR's participation in the United Nations Development Group
UNHCR's Policy Committee
UNHCR's policy guidelines for UN volunteers
UNHCR's policy on harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority
UNHCR's policy on older refugees
UNHCR's refugee education activities
UNHCR's refugee HIV/AIDS program assessment tool
UNHCR's role in IASC humanitarian reform initiatives
UNHCR's role in strengthening national NGOs
UNHCR's strategic objectives
UNHCR's Women Victims of Violence Project in Kenya
UNHCR-FAO collaboration in Afghanistan
UNHCR-funded repatriation and resettlement/ family reunification movements performed by IOM
UNHCR/WFP Joint Food Needs Assessment
United Nations development assistance framework
United Nations Group Life Insurance Plan
United Nations Millennium Declaration
United Nations plan of action on peace-building
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Update on new e-learning features
Update on UNDP cost recovery for services rendered to UNHCR
Urban forced migrants in Kampala
Urban vulnerability in Afghanistan
Use of information and communication technology resources and data
Use of particular foods in emergencies
Use of vehicles in UNHCR
U-shaped community based lay out
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Vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccines and vaccination
Vector and pest control in refugee situations
Vehicle accident report
Vehicle kits for field operations
Vehicle log book
Vehicle service notice board
Vehicle's check list
Vendor criteria checklist
Video unit policy
Visa for non-US staff members serving in the US
Visit to eastern provinces of Burundi
Vocational skills training for refugees
Vocational training and self-reliance activities for urban refugees in India
Vocational training for refugees
Vocational training programs
Voluntary counseling and testing
Voluntary repatriation - Eritrean returnees
Voluntary Repatriation Form
Voluntary repatriation: international protection handbook
Voluntary Separation Programme
Vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS
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Water and sanitation engineer – UNHCR Myanmar
Water and sanitation information on the Internet
Water quality surveillance
Water, sanitation, and shelter equipment for emergencies and longer term use
Water treatment chemicals and construction materials
Weaving gender in disaster and refugee assistance
Weekly epidemiological record
Weekly NFIs status in the Field
Weight for height reference tables
Weights and measures conversion tables
WFP food assistance to Bhutanese refugee relief operation
WFP HQ annual Pipeline
UN WFP logistics capacity assessment
WFP-funded supplementary activities
WFP/UNHCR guidelines for estimating food and nutritional needs in emergencies
WFP/UNHCR Joint Work Plan
WFP/UNHCR Memorandum of understanding
WFP/UNHCR working arrangements
WHO case definitions
WHO guidance on formulation of national policy on the control of cholera
WHO guidelines for epidemic preparedness and response
WHO model of country-level emergency planning
WHO recommended surveillance standards
WHO seminar pack for drinking-water quality
Widows' Camp
Women and HIV/AIDS
Women, war and peace
Working language - UN member states
Workshop on closing the gap on community reintegration activities
Workshop on the basics of international humanitarian response
World conference on women
World Congress against commercial sexual exploitation of children
World Health Organization emerging and other communicable diseases, surveillance and control
World Water Day
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Your Right to Education
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Zambia pre-feasibility mission
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