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10-Point United Nations Plan
Pakistan self-reliance field trip
Parameters and procedures for review of country operations plans and Headquarters plans
Parking policy for UNHCR Headquarters
Parliamentary handbook on international refugee law and cooperation with the Inter-Parliamentary Union
Participating Agencies Mobility System
Participation of refugee women in food management
Participatory assessment with refugees
Participatory planning in UNHCR
Partnerships for protection
Part-time employment for internationally recruited staff
Payment of income taxes
Payment request form for project payments
Peace building and coexistence
Peace education and refugee youth
Peace Education Pilot Project in Kenya
Peace Education Programme
Peer education and HIV/AIDS
Pellagra and its prevention and control in major emergencies
People's access to, and utilization of, food and income
People-oriented planning at work
Percentage energy of protein and fat in a ration
Performance Appraisal Report
Periodic medical examination
Permanent working group on the situation of women
Personal security of refugees
Personal status for purposes of UN entitlements
Personal use of UNHCR computers and other technology resources
Pesticides in drinking-water
Plan of action for achieving gender equity in UNHCR
Planning and preparing the convoy checklists
Planning the survey
Policy and procedures for managing performance
Policy for acceptance, distribution and use of milk products in refugee feeding programmes
Policy guideline and recommendation for feeding of infants of HIV positive mothers
Policy on breastfeeding
Policy on individual consultants
Policy on the provision of shuttle services for UNHCR staff
Population and Geographic Data Section
Population by camp, gender and family size
Populations of concern to UNHCR
Port capability checklist
Portal on durable solutions for displaced people
Possible objectives of a survey on nutritional status in emergencies
Post War Eritrean Recovery (PoWER) Programme
Post-conflict peace building
Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
Practical guide on the use of objectives, outputs and indicators
Practical guide to the systematic use of standards and indicators in UNHCR operations
Practice of the Secretary General in disciplinary matters
Preparation and process for the programme review at Headquarters
Preparation of 4Rs process in Angola
Preparing a draft joint plan of action matrix
Preparing the work plan and budget
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Africa
Prevention of workplace harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority
Preventive care package
Prices, nutritional value and unit cost of WFP
Private legal obligations of staff members
Private Sector and Public Affairs Service
Privileges and immunities of UNHCR and its staff
Proactive planning for resettlement
Procedural changes in the compendium process
Procedural Roadmap – developing an IDP response strategy
Procedural standards for refugee status determination under UNHCR's mandate
Procedures for conducting comparative review for locally recruited staff
Procedures for dealing with sexual harassment
Procedures for processing of implementing instruments
Productive use of domestic water supplies
Profile of internal displacement
Programme Coordination and Operations Support Section
Programme for Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria
Programme guide for health care providers and managers
Programme Strategy for Food Aid Interventions Liberia
Programming principles and standards
Progress report on refugee children and adolescents
Project planning in UNHCR
Project submissions
Promoting age, gender and diversity mainstreaming in UNHCR operations
Promoting women's entrepreneurship development based on good practice programmes
Promotion and protection of the rights of children
Promotion of international and national professional officers
Property Survey Board
Proposed format for request for quotes from transport companies
Protecting refugees: A field guide for NGOs
Protecting refugees' rights
Protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct
Protection based physical planning
Protection of personnel and property
Protection response capacity for IDPs and affected populations
Provision of sanitary supplies to refugee women
Psycho-social and mental health programmes
Psychosocial care and protection of tsunami affected children
Purchasing plan for services and goods
Purchasing thresholds at UNHCR HQ and UNHCR Field Offices
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Quality of care delivered to sick children
Quality of healthcare services in refugee situations
Quarterly list of locations where Hazard Pay applies
Quarterly Statistical Report
Quick Impact Projects
Quick reference booklet
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4Rs as part of transition
The 4Rs in Liberia
Radio and HIV/AIDS
Rank-in-post policy
Rapid assessment of mental health needs of refugees
Rapid assessment techniques
Rapid Market Appraisal
Rapid nutritional assessment in emergencies
Rapid village assessment form (Kosovo)
Reaching out to Africa's orphans. A framework for public action
Ready-to-eat meals, emergency rations and high-energy biscuits
Recognition of staff in UNHCR
Recommendations together with situation analysis for UNHCR involvement with internally displaced persons
Recording of attendance and leave
Records relating to treasury functions
Records schedule
Recovery and sustainable development
Recruitment and career management
Redeployment of locally-recruited general service staff
Refugee and humanitarian issues: Australia's response
Refugee and special humanitarian proposal
Refugee camp security guidelines
Refugee camp vulnerability survey – Iran –
Refugee Education Trust
Refugee enumeration and statistics
Refugee numbers and demography
Refugee operations and environmental management
Refugee reproductive health
Refugee students in camp schools
Refugee survey quarterly
Refugee women in camp management
Refugee-Hosting Community Development Programme
Refugees / returnees plans - Ivorians, Liberians, Sierra Leoneans
Refugees and host communities in Western Tanzania
Refugees, host populations and education in Uganda
Refugees outside Canada
Regional Function Review
Registration and ration card control system
Registration of camp based earthquake victims Pakistan
Registration of refugees and asylum-seekers
Regulations, rules and pension adjustment system of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
Reimbursement for travel by private motor vehicle
Reinforcing a community development approach
Reintegration and Local Settlement Section
Reintegration Assessment Report Oxfam GB in Liberia
Reintegration programming unit
Relationship between MDGs and PRSP
Relocation grant – implementation procedures
Remuneration at the Level of the Post
Rental subsidy application
Repatriation from Namibia to Angola
Repatriation in Khatlon Province, Tajikistan
Repatriation of Cambodian refugees from Thailand
Repatriation of children in Mozambique
Repatriation, Reintegration, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (4Rs)
Report of the CCA/UNDAF-UNDG working group
Report of the joint assessment mission Kenya
Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Report of the United Nations Secretary-General's task force on women, girls and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Report on statistics of UNHCR-assisted refugee education
Report on the dialogue with refugee women
Report-back to children who participated in the UNHCR research study on violence in the lives of refugee and returnee children in Southern Africa
Reporting of arrest or detention of staff members
Reporting of suspected misconduct
Representing UNHCR on inter-agency groups, studies and reports
Reproductive Health Co-ordinator
Reproductive health in refugee situations
Reproductive rights in refugee situations
Republic of Azerbaijan: State Programme on Poverty Reduction and Economic Development
Request for award of disability benefit
Request for payment of education grant and/or advance against the education grant
Residential security measures
Resolution 1325 adopted by the Security Council
Rest and recuperation policy
Results based management. Orientation guide
Return and reintegration of "child soldiers" in Sudan
Returnee monitoring form (UNHCR Somalia)
Review of groundwater for rural water supply in Sub-Saharan Africa
Review of microfinance operations
Review of the repatriation and reintegration programme in Sierra Leone
Review of UNHCR's policy and practice on rotation
Review of UNHCR's security policy and policy implementation for staff
Revised base salary scales for staff in the Field Service and professional and higher categories
Revised disciplinary measures and procedures
Revised job description form
Revised reporting system for the education sector
Revised rules and procedures governing the UNHCR Committees on Contracts
Revised terms of reference for the UNHCR Oversight Committee
Right to water
Rights based programming with children
Role of governments in the reintegration of returned populations
Role of the World Bank in conflict and development
RSC working paper
Rules and procedures of the Medical Insurance Plan Management Committee
Rules governing the medical insurance plan reserve and investment funds
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Salaries and related allowances
Salary advance for emergency medical expenses
Salary advances–locally recruited staff
Salary policy in promotions
Sample claim form for Terminal expenses and Hazard
Sample for data collection sheets from Tanzania
Sample frame agreement
Sample Purchase Order
Sample service contract
Sanitary Supplies Survey
School feeding handbook
School quality and attainment in developing countries
Second hand vehicle purchase check list
Secretary-general's bulletin: special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse
Sectors for financial tracking of CA projects
Security awareness - an aide mémoire
Security Clearance Procedures
Security evacuation allowance
Security guidelines for women
Security in the consolidated appeals
Security issues for microfinance following conflict
Security of IDP camps under military control
Security of refugee and displaced women
Security risk management
Seeing refugees as agents of development
Selecting the assessment team
Self - reliance in Eritrea
Self-reliance consultant - Zambia field visit
Self-reliance for refugees hosting areas in Moyo, Arua and Adjumani Districts
Senior Public Health Officer
Separated Children in Europe Programme
Separation from service
Separation of Fixed-Term General Service Staff
Serbia and Montenegro - development through local integration
Series on youth and entrepreneurship - facilitating youth entrepreneurship
Service level and quantity of water collected
Sexual abuse and exploitation in humanitarian crises
Sexual and gender-based violence against refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons
Sexual and Gender-based Violence Programme
Sexual behavioural change for HIV
Sexual exploitation of refugees by aid workers in West Africa
Sexual violence against refugees
Sexual violence in refugee crises
SGBV TOT workshop report
Shelter and emergency settlements
Shelter expert – UNHCR Iraq
Shelter provision and settlement policies for refugees
Shelter strategy in accommodating asylum seekers in Ghana
Shipment and related entitlements
Shipment of personal effects and household goods
Shipping documents and document handling
Shortcomings identified in Field Offices' accounts
On site distribution monitoring report
Situation analysis of orphans vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS
Situational analysis guidelines
Social security and insurance
Socio-economic integration of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons
SOLAR entitlement for consultants
Sourcing goods and services
South Asian earthquake
Southern Sudanese refugees in Western Ethiopia
Special constraints panel
Special entitlements at designated duty stations
Special entitlements for staff members serving at designated duty stations
Special Leave without Pay
Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse
Special measures to increase the representation of women in UNHCR's professional staff
Special Operations Approach
Special Post Allowance
Sphere in a day
Sphere Project
Spouse employment and related matters
Staff Administration and Management Manual
Staff Committee Bulletin on the Joint Appeals Board
Staff Tool Kit
Staff-initiated separation
Standard format for project (sub-)agreements
Standard health kits
Standard operating procedures for air operations
Standard registration materials
Standards and indicators in UNHCR operations
Standing Committee on Nutrition
Start Your Business Workbook
State responsibility and restitution for refugees
Statement of good practice
Statistical procedures for nutritional surveys
Statistics on refugees and others of concern to UNHCR
Status, basic rights and duties of UN staff members
Status of the Ethiopia DAR initiative
Status report and request for payment of dependency benefits
Statute of the Office of the UNHCR
Steps in planning an in-depth assessment
Stock inspection checklist
Strategic planning workshop
Strategies to counteract ration shortfalls
Strengthening access to quality education for refugee girls in the Horn Region and Eastern Africa
Strengthening collaboration through partnership
Strengthening the cooperation between FAO and UNHCR
Structural changes in the Division of Operational Support
Structure and responsibilities in financial services
Sub-project monitoring report
Sub-project review checklist
Substantive civilian component
Suggested inputs to MOU/LOU with UNICEF and other partners for collaboration at a field level
Summary update of Machel Study follow-up activities
Supervisors of peripheral health units
Supplementary Feeding Programme report form
Supplementary feeding programmes and materials required
Supply and transport section
Supply management in emergencies
Support for spontaneous returns and reintegration Sudan
Support to the preparation of repatriation to Burundi
Supporting re-integration in Nicaragua
Surveillance and control of community supplies
Survey of compliance with UNHCR's policies on refugee women, children and the environment
Surveys of nutritional status and mortality in Afghanistan
Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program
Sustainable livelihoods guidance sheets from DFID
Sustainable peace and post-conflict economic growth in the Sudan
System-wide capacity for small-scale contracting
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Talking with your child about sex - A guide for parents
Tanzania assistance strategy
Targeting development assistance for refugee solutions
Task force on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian crisis
TB/HIV: A clinical manual
Team approach to the prevention and response to sexual violence
Technical guidelines for the consolidated appeals
Technical indicators form
Technical Support Section
Ten steps to successful breastfeeding
Ten things you can do to prevent gender violence
Termination of appointment for reasons of health
Terms and conditions for services
Terms of reference for a Reintegration Coordinator (UNHCR)
Terms of reference for deployment of a Field Officer
Terms of reference for refugee wardens
Terms of reference for the ORB with associated resource allocation procedures
Theoretical assessment of contributions to UNHCR 2000 budget
Therapeutic feeding programmes and materials required
Things an assessment team should do
Time-off following completion of emergency mission
Titles of restructured divisions
Tool for participatory assessment with refugees
A toolkit for partner identification, analysis and selection
Toolkit supporting children's meaningful and ethical participation in research relating to violence against children
Tools and resources for post-disaster relief
Tools and types of information required for monitoring adequacy of ration
Topics for individual interviews and focus group discussions
Total number of refugee incentive workers by agency by camp
Towards a more reliable resource allocation for staff safety
Towards durable solutions for Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons
Training programme preparation
Training the contracting agency
Transition and the MDGs
Transmission and prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in war settings
Transport feasibility checklists
Transport request review checklist
Travel and related expenses
Travel entitlement for non-UN persons attending seminars and working groups
Travel for safety or security reasons
Travel/Identification documents
Treatment guidelines for a public health approach
Treatment of Diarrhoea
Treatment of unaccompanied and separated children outside their country of origin
TSS Toolkit: Health section
Tuberculosis control in refugee situations
Types and phases of joint assessment activities
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