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Kampala workshop
Key points for an effective distribution system
Key questions to answer when planning and carrying out an evaluation
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Labour regulations other than those dealing with wages
Land conflicts and their impact on refugee women's livelihoods in South Western Uganda
Language proficiency and language incentives
Language training material
Language training policy and guidelines
Leave and absence report
Legal instruments and agreements concerning registration and documentation
Letter of fixed-term appointment
Liberia emergency map
Liberia Microcredit Programme
Liberia recovery and reconstruction needs assessments
Links with monitoring and nutrition surveys
List of illnesses or disabilities that constitute medical condition for purposes of the Special Dependency Allowance
List of materials needed for nutrition surveys
List of medical equipment frame agreement
Livelihood options in refugee situations
Livelihoods of Sudanese asylum seekers and refugees in Egypt
Livestock-keeping and animal husbandry in refugee and returnee situations
Local Asset Management Boards
Local calendar of events
Local economic development in post-crises situations
Logistics capacity assessment report
Lump-sum option for travel
LWF Home Gardening Project
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Main UNHCR returnee operations
Major activities planned for the year
Major nutritional deficiency diseases in emergencies
Making pregnancy safer
Malaria control among refugees and displaced populations
Malnutrition in developing countries
Management and supervisory training
Management of acute respiratory infections in children
Management of food-related issues
Management of nutrition in major emergencies
Management of self and others
Management of severe malaria
Management of severe malnutrition
Management of the DRC and Burundi situations
Management of the Great Lakes operations
Management of the patient with cholera
Management of UNHCR Field offices and programme activities
Management quality assurance self-audit checklist
Management structure of the Africa bureau
Management structure of the Southeast Europe operation
Management Systems Renewal Project
Manager's tool kit
Managing stress in those who care for people with HIV and AIDS
Managing water in the home
Mandatory security course
Manual for indoor residual spraying
Manual of indicative designs of camp facilities and minimum standards for camp planning
Manual of interagency procedures and practices
Manual on training and employment options for ex-combatants
Mass exoduses and displaced persons
Materials needed for nutrition surveys
Maternity leave and special leave for adoption of a child
Measuring malnutrition
Media contacts & services
Medical clearance request
Medical Insurance Plan
Medical Insurance Plan Management Committee
Medical standards and clearances
Medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS
Meeting staffing needs for staff safety
Meeting the rights and protection needs of refugee children
Membership of the Joint Disciplinary Committee at the UN Office in Geneva
Memorandum of Understanding between The Russian Federation and The Office of UNHCR
Memorandum of understanding between the Sierra Leone Police and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Memorandum of Understanding between the Swiss Government and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Memorandum of understanding between UNHCR and UNDP/UNV Programme
Memorandum of understanding between UNHCR and UNICEF
Memorandum of understanding between UNHCR and WHO
Mental health in emergencies
Mental health of refugees
Mental health travel scheme
Methodology for the resettlement of groups
Methods for assessing groundwater resources in low permeability areas of Africa
Micro and small enterprise finance
Microenterprise Best Practices
Microfinance and internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan
Microfinance during and after armed conflict
Microfinance for special groups
Microfinance in conflict-affected environments
Microfinance in post-conflict countries
Microfinance sector development in Sierra Leone
Micro-nutrient content of selected food aid commodities
Micronutrient deficiency problems and risks
Micronutrient malnutrition - detection, measurement and intervention
Migrant populations and HIV/AIDS
Migration from unhcr.ch to unhcr.org
Military component
Milk products in refugee feeding programmes
Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Development Project
Minimum Initial Service Package
Minimum Operating Security Standards
Minimum standards for gender-sensitive asylum procedures
Minimum standards for shelter and emergency relief supplies
Minimum standards in health services
Mission Subsistence Allowance
Mobilising communities to prevent domestic violence
Mobility and hardship allowance
Mobilizing funding and partners
Model authorization for persons who have a contractual link with UNHCR
Model authorization for persons who have no contractual link with UNHCR
Model declaration to be signed by Head of Office prior to driving a vehicle
Model format for bipartite sub-project agreement
Model format for tripartite sub-project agreement
Modified working day following maternity leave
Monitoring at food distribution sites
Monitoring at household and community levels
Monitoring report food and food related issues In WFP/UNHCR Joint Operations
Monthly food basket monitoring reports of the WFP general food ration
Monthly situation reporting and release of SitRep field
Monthly summary - settlement camp monitoring key indicators
Morbidity and mortality weekly report
Most frequently purchased items by UNHCR
Motivation and discipline
Movement control plan for the United Nations Agencies in the AoR
Mozambique Emergency Food Security Assessment Report
Mozambique English Manual
Multi-Bilateral Programme of Technical Cooperation
Multi-disciplinary mission and assisting the Operation South Sudan
Multilateral framework of understandings on resettlement
Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh
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Name change - Division of External Relations
National AIDS councils
National AIDS programmes
National Human Development Report
National Priority Programs
National Refugee Integration Program
National return, displacement and reintegration strategy
National risk and vulnerability assessment
Nationality status of staff members
Natural resource management and livelihoods
Need for and effectiveness of selective feeding
Needs assessments in post-conflict situations
Needs of internally displaced women and children
Nepal Common Country Assessment
New account codes for staff advances
New induction and orientation process for all staff
New procedures for payments by UNDP on behalf of UNHCR
NGO efforts to promote sustainable peace and development
NGOs who have signed the Framework Agreement for Operational Partnership
Nomadic pastoralists in Afghanistan
Non-food items distribution
Non-food ration scale
Notification by staff members and obligation to supply information
Nutrition and health survey
Nutrition and HIV/AIDS
Nutrition survey report
Nutritional relief: feeding programmes
Nutritional requirements for pregnant and lactating women in developing countries
Nutritional values of common food items
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Objectives and outputs in camps
Objective-setting matrix for Headquarters units
Observing conditions during a transect walk
Of Nets and Assets
Office of Internal Oversight Services
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Official Status Files
Official visibility material
Older people in disasters and humanitarian crises
OMS working paper
Operation analysis form for trucks
Operation and maintenance of rural water supply and sanitation systems
Operational analysis for trucks
Operational guidelines for developing a self-reliance strategy in refugee and returnee situations
Operational guidelines for UNHCR's involvement with internally displaced persons
Operations management handbook for UNHCR's partners
Operations plan for returns to North-Western Afghanistan
Operations Review Board
Optional protocol to the Convention on the rights of the child
Order form for UNHCR essential medical supplies and equipment
Organisation directory
Organisational priorities on gender equity, refugee women, children and adolescents
Outpatient care for severely malnourished children in emergency relief programmes
Overview of Bhutanese Refugee Education Programme
Overview of planning steps for strategy formulation and programme design
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