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Facing the challenges of HIV / AIDS / STDs
Family and child support obligations of staff members
Family Health International
Family status for purposes of United Nations entitlements
Family visit and education grant travel
Fast Track Model for the deployment of staff
Feeding programmes and materials required
Field guide on donor relations and resource mobilisation
Field staff safety and security
Filing standards and supporting documents for the monthly accounts
Final Report - UNHCR (Internal) on Commission on Human Rights
Financial, administrative and operational controls
Financial disclosure statements
Financial management accountability handbook
Financial responsibility, liability insurance and proprietary rights
Financial rules for voluntary funds
First aid training in the workplace
Five Commitments to refugee women
Fleet management system document
F.O.B. prices for WFP-supplied commodities
Focus group guidelines
Focusing on anaemia
Follow up to various evaluations
Follow-up to recommendations of the Kosovo evaluation
Follow-up to recommendations of the three assessments of refugee women, children and the community services function
Follow-up to the recommendation of the Africa review group
Food & food related issues in WFP/UNHCR joint operations
Food and Nutrition Co-ordinator
Food and nutrition handbook
Food and nutrition indicators
Food and nutrition needs in emergencies
Food assistance to Bhutanese refugees in Nepal
Food basket provided by WFP and UNHCR
Food distribution report
Food related issues in WFP/UNHCR Joint Operations
Food security and food assistance among long-standing refugees
Food security assessment
Forced migration review
Forest management in refugee and returnee situations
Formulating a food security assistance strategy
Formulating a strategic plan for self-reliance
Framework agreement for the provision of professional services
Framework for durable solutions for refugees and persons of concern
Framework for people-oriented planning in refugee situations
Framework for the cooperation of the United Nations with Colombian Development
Frequently asked questions about the 1951 Refugee Convention
Frequently required standard posts
From resettlement to involuntary repatriation
From war and resettlement to peace development
Functions matrix for Sub-Office, Branch Office and Headquarters
Fund for international field staff housing and basic amenities
Funding, payment and payment procedures
Funding UNHCR
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Gender and HIV/AIDS overview report
Gender- based violence in populations affected by armed conflict
Gender equality mainstreaming in UNHCR in the Americas
Gender equity in UNHCR
Gender training kit on refugee protection and resource handbook
Gender-based violence tools manual
Gender-related persecution
General guidelines to be used in case of reduction of posts and separation of staff
General information on UNHCR
General outcomes of a successful reintegration operation
Generated fund overview for PRRO
Generic terms of reference for a UN Transition Support Team
Ghana Red Cross Society
Ghana refugee board
Girls in fighting forces in Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mozambique
Global consultation on international protection
Global travel authorisation
Gondama camp
Good practice principles for microfinance in war-affected contexts
Good productivity and decent working conditions
Governmental integration program of Romania
Grading and request for professional recruitment
Guatemalan refugees in Southern Mexico
Guidance for implementing the Needs Assessment Framework and Matrix
Guidance note return of Afghans from non-neighbouring countries
Guidance on ethics and equitable access to HIV treatment and care
Guidance on travel
Guide for Field Offices from the UNHCR archives
Guide for health managers
Guide for nutrition, care and support
Guide for UNHCR Field Offices on donor relations and resource mobilisation
Guide on Food as an incentive to support vulnerable households and communities
Guide to four wheel driving
Guide to shipping documents
Guide to UNHCR emergency standards and indicators
Guidelines for credit assistance to refugee micro-businesses
Guidelines for deployment of UN volunteers in UNHCR emergency operations
Guidelines for drinking-water quality
Guidelines for drug donations
Guidelines for employment and skills training in conflict countries
Guidelines for establishing emergency public employment services
Guidelines for gender-based violence Interventions in humanitarian settings
Guidelines for good practices in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action and Gender Mainstreaming
Guidelines for HIV interventions in emergency settings
Guidelines for HIV surveillance
Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings
Guidelines for infant and young child feeding interventions in emergencies
Guidelines for international medical referrals of refugees
Guidelines for preparing and conducting interviews of local staff in field offices
Guidelines for sexually transmitted infections surveillance
Guidelines for the collection of clinical specimens
Guidelines for the control of epidemics
Guidelines for the election of refugee executive in refugee camp
Guidelines for the preparation of a PRRO
Guidelines on priority-setting core and non-core activities
Guidelines on refugee children
Guidelines on security
Guidelines on the implementation of staff development activities for field offices, and budget allocations
Guidelines on the protection of refugee women
Guidelines to UNHCR Field and Headquarters on reporting, implementation, and planning
Guiding principles for feeding infants during emergencies
Guiding principles on internal displacement
Guiding standards relating to water & sanitation in a refugee camp
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Handbook for repatriation and reintegration activities
Handbook for self-reliance
Handbook for workshops for children
Handbook integrated management of childhood illness
Handbook on applying the guiding principles on internal displacement
Handbook on war and public health
Handouts for group training
Harper Camp
Hazard allowance for local staff
Hazard allowance for UN volunteers
Hazard pay for locally recruited staff
Headquarter's network and electronic mail
Headquarters Asset Management Board
Headquarters-based project for the voluntary repatriation of Afghans
Health and community development
Health and Nutrition Co-ordinator
Health and nutrition services
Health care for urban refugee caseloads
Health facility survey
Health Information Reporting Format
Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations
Health promotion and community participation
Health related activities in repatriation operations
Health risks and precautions
Health Sector budgeting forms
Health sector: objectives - outputs - indicators
HIV & AIDS in conflicts and disasters
HIV prevention and care interventions in refugee settings
HIV risk and prevention in emergency-affected populations
HIV surveillance among female sex workers
HIV surveillance in hard-to-reach populations
HIV tests and testing
HIV treatment in resource-poor settings
HIV/AIDS among conflict-affected and displaced populations
HIV/AIDS and human rights international guidelines
HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health in Africa
HIV/AIDS and refugees
HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care in Rwandan refugee camps
HIV/AIDS and work
HIV/AIDS, conflict and forced migration
HIV/AIDS education for refugee youth
HIV/AIDS post exposure preventive treatment
HIV/AIDS prevention and care activities in refugee settings
HIV-related needs of refugees and host populations
Household economy analysis
Housing Maintenance Element
How to analyse and interpret information
HQ and field staff travelling on official mission
Human resource development for the management of nutrition in major emergencies
Human resources management procedures relating to regional global posts
Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response
Humanitarian practice network
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IASC appeal and strategy documents
Identification cards for local and contract staff
Identifying events that affected well-being
Identifying, quantifying and planning needs
IDP camp coordination and camp management
ILO-UNHCR technical cooperation project
Imagine Coexistence Project
Immediate response emergency operation
Immigration Canada
Impact of armed conflict upon children
Impact of forced displacement on urban livelihood strategies
Impact of HIV and sexual health education on the sexual behaviour of young people
Impact of HIV/AIDS on mortality and household mobility in rural Tanzania
Implementation of decentralized staff development activities for Field Offices
Implementation of UNHCR's policy on IDPs at Field Level
Implementing Partner Recording extract
Implementing partners
Implementing partners audit certification
Important human resources matters
Improving family and community practices
Improving quality and attainment in refugee schools
Improving the health sector response to gender-based violence
Incentive-Based Fund Raising at the Country Level
Incidence rate (per 1000/month) of micro-nutrient deficiency diseases
Independent evaluation of refugee women
India Self-Reliance Field Mission Report
Indicative budget envelopes
Indicators for a successful reintegration programme
Infant and young child feeding in emergencies
Infant feeding in emergencies
Influx of Liberian refugees into Sierra Leone
Information and communications systems
Information Technology Steering Committee
Initial assessment of emergency situations
Initiating assessments in the countries of asylum and origin
Insecticide-treated mosquito net interventions
Instructions on the procurement process
Insurance of personal effects
Integrated humanitarian settlement strategy
Integrated management of childhood
Integrated Planning for Peace
Integrated water resource management in water and sanitation projects
Integration of HIV/AIDS activities with food and nutrition support in refugee settings
Integration of human rights of women and the gender perspective
Interagency and multisectoral prevention and response to gender-based violence
Inter-Agency contingency planning guidelines for humanitarian assistance
Inter-agency guiding principles on unaccompanied and separated children
Inter–agency standing committee
Inter-camp family reunification
Interim inter-agency working group on protection
Interim reintegration strategy
Interim working group on camp coordination and management
Interim working group on emergency shelter
Internal and international Kurdish displacement in and from Turkey
Internal communications, records management, and archives
Internal final report on issues of concern to UNHCR
International Association for the Study of Forced Migration
International Civil Service Commission
International financial institutions
International legal standards
International meeting on good humanitarian donorship
International NGO support costs
International Professional Roster
International Rescue Committee Education Programme for Refugees in Guinea
International travel and health
International Year of Microcredit
Inter-ORB session budget changes
Inter-organisation agreement concerning transfer, secondment or loan of staff
Interviewing survivors of gender-based violence
Introduction of a family leave option
Introduction of new flexible working arrangements to UNHCR
Inventory of personal effects
Investment programme for the economic recovery strategy
Invitation to apply to the International Professional Roster
Involvement of children in armed conflicts
Involvement with IDP situations
IOM-UNHCR guidance note on cooperation in the transportation sector
IP evaluation criteria checklist
Iraq reconstruction needs assessment
IRC gender and water
Iron deficiency anaemia
Issues and policies in scaling up labour-based contracting programmes
Issues to consider when deciding on type of nutrition interventions
Item registration form
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Jobs, gender and small enterprises in Africa and Asia
Joint Advisory Committee
Joint Assessment Guidelines
Joint planning for repatriation and reintegration
Joint Staff-Management Committee on the security and safety of staff in the field
Joint statement by ILO and UNHCR
Junior professional officers training guidelines
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