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Access to water in refugee situations
Accidents, injuries and violence
Accommodation provided to staff in receipt of SOLAR
Action for the Rights of Children
Actual situation of existing camps
Acute diarrhoeal diseases in complex emergencies
Addressing grievances in UNHCR
Adjustment of Standard Assignment Lengths
Administration of rental advance
Administration of sick leave and maternity leave
Administration of UNHCR staff under the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules
Administrative, financial and budgetary instructions for Field Offices
Administrative measures for the emergency operations in Sudan and Chad
Adolescent and youth education in emergencies
Adoption of refugee children
Advance against education grant
Advances of salaries and allowances for international staff
Advice of post-mission time-off following completion of emergency mission
Advocacy for water, environmental sanitation and hygiene
Affirmative asylum procedures manual
Afghanistan national human development report
Afghanistan Transitional Assistance Programme
Afghanistan World Bank Approach Paper
Africa orphaned generations
Africa region working paper
Africa review group
African charter on the rights and welfare of the child
Agreement for the receipt and right of use of UNHCR assets
Agreement on operational issues between UNHCR and IOM
Agreement on the transfer of ownership of UNHCR assets
Agreements with other international organizations
Aid coordination, planning and management in Sudan
Aide Memoire for protecting and assisting refugee children in emergencies
AIDS and HIV infection - Information for United Nations employees and their families
AIDS and men who have sex with men
AIDS and violent conflict in Africa
AIDS epidemic update
AIDS home care handbook
AIDS in Africa
AIDS orphans: Facing Africa's 'silent crisis'
AIDS: Palliative care
AIDS prevention in Uganda
Air operations procedures
All staff messages from the Acting High Commissioner and the Assistant High Commissioner
Amendment of, and exceptions to the staff rules
Americas Regional Gender Team
Analysis of camp capacity and water supply
Angola: the post-war challenges
Angola: vulnerability assessment in rural areas
Annual and special leave
Annual leave cycle
Annual list of IOM/FOM
Annual programme interim report
Annual Statistical Report (ASR)
Application for an Offshore Humanitarian Visa
Application for post in the D/P category
Application for UN Certificate
Application procedure for the UN Resident Coordinator
Applications to UNOG language courses
Applying the comprehensive LED approach
ARC Facilitator's Toolkit
Assessing in preparation for repatriation and reintegration
Assessment and surveillance of nutritional status
Assessment at the onset of a new emergency/refugee influx
Assessment of reproductive health services in refugee camps
Asset inventory management
Asset Management Board
Asset management policy in UNHCR
Asset preparation, use, maintenance and repair
Assistance and representation by Counsel
Assistance for voluntary returns to Iraq
Assistance to Bhutanese refugees in Nepal
Assistance to Eritrean refugees in Central/Eastern Sudan
Assistance to unaccompanied refugee minors
Asylum policy considerations
Audit recommendations to be followed by Field Offices
Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program
Australia's support for humanitarian entrants
Authorisation of salary payment
Authority to release information to designated individuals
Automatic separation
Award of a personal grade
Azerbaijan human development report
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Background information on Tuberculosis and HIV
Background note on the application of the exclusion clauses
Basic equipment for field workshop
Basic guideline for family latrines for refugee camps
Basic laboratory services in emergency situations
Basic malaria microscopy
Behavioral surveillance surveys
Behaviour Change Communication for HIV/AIDS
Beijing declaration and platform for action
Benin: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
Best practices for refugee women
Best practices in peace building and non-violent conflict resolution
Better meeting needs of refugees through strengthened collaboration with operational partners
Bhutanese refugee operation management
Bhutanese refugees in Nepal
Blood safety and HIV
Bosnia and Herzegovina: review of microcredit programme parameters
Bosnian refugees in Croatia
Breakdown of costs for camp establishment
British medical bulletin
Brookings initiative in Rwanda
Budgeting guidelines for IT and telecommunications support
Building inclusive financial sectors to achieve the Millennium Development Goals
Buildings for health structures in refugee camps
Business ideas, opportunities and challenges
Business support and networking
Business woman and her environment
Bye-laws for liberian refugees in Sierra Leone camps
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Calculation of adjusted Dependent Spouse Allowance
Calculation of adjusted Dependent Spouse Benefit
Camp layout in Sierra Leone
Camp management organization chart
Canadian Consultant Management Fund
Cancellation of approved leave
Care giver booklet
Care of people living with HIV/AIDS
Care of refugees and the environment in Northern Uganda
Career Management System
Career Transition Support Services
Casualties of war women's bodies, women's lives
Catalogue of emergency response resources
Centre for Documentation and Research
Certificate of prescribed textbooks and receipt for amount paid
Certificate of school attendance
Certificate of school enrolment
Certification of inspection of the Official Status File
Changes in Field Office administrative budget and expenditure procedures
Changes within the Division of Human Resources Management
Checklist for feeding centres
Checklist for planning and implementing a survey
Checklist for supervisors of peripheral health units
Child and adolescent development
Child rights programming. Handbook
Choices in Tajikistan repatriation
Cholera and other epidemic diarrhoeal diseases control
Cholera outbreak
Civil-military relationship in complex emergencies
Classification of Duty Stations
Clinical management of rape survivors
Cluster control form
Code of conduct regarding sexual abuse by humanitarian aid workers
Code of conduct signature forms for non-UN personnel
Code of good practice for NGOs responding to HIV/AIDS
Collaborative response to situations of internal displacement
Commodity distribution: A practical guide for Field staff
Common Country Assessment
Common supplier registration form
Communal tent with partitioning
Communicable disease control in emergencies
Communicable disease profile - Iraq
Communicable disease toolkit - Liberia
Communicating the message - Gender and AIDS
Communication skills in working with survivors of gender-based violence
Community based care for separated children
Community contracts in urban infrastructure works
Community home-based care in resource-limited settings
Community services function in UNHCR
Community support for refugees
Community-based reintegration and rehabilitation in post-conflict settings
Community-based response on sexual violence against women
Community-based therapeutic care
Comparison of health indicators of refugee camps and National Health Services
Compensation for death, injury or illness attributable to service
Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects
Compensation for service under hazardous conditions
Complementary foods for children
Computer based learning courses (e-learning)
Conclusion on the civilian and humanitarian character of asylum
Conditions of service for the Afghan emergency
Conducting semi-structured interviews and group discussions
Confidentiality guidelines
Confidentiality of information undertaking
Conflict sensitivity and peace building In development
Conflict-induced displacement in Europe and Central Asia
Consolidated Appeal document checklist
Consolidated Appeals Process
Consolidated food and non-food distribution and monitoring quarterly report
Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal
Contextual factors affecting risk for HIV/AIDS
Contingency planning guidelines
Contractors need access to resources
Contracts approved by the Committee on Contracts
Contribution to the refugee livelihoods network
Control of communicable diseases and prevention of epidemics
Control of epidemic meningococcal disease
Convention concerning the prohibition and immediate action for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour
Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
Convention refugees abroad and humanitarian-protected persons abroad
Cooking options in refugee situations
Cooperation between UNHCR and DPKO
Cooperation between UNHCR and IOM
Coordination of action in cases of death of staff members
Coordinator for refugee women
Copyright permission for UNHCR public documents
Core principles for working with children associated with armed groups and forces
Core principles to remember when undertaking an assessment
Correct logo usage
Cost estimate for individual shelter
Cost estimate of shelters facilities
Cost recovery from United Nations Organizations
Costs of inspection and insurance of goods
Country cooperation framework for Angola
Country list vaccination requirements and malaria situation
Country Operations Plan
Covering memo Regional Function Review
Creation of the emergency and security service
Credit-based livelihood interventions in a Zambian refugee camp
Critical issues - education
Critical role of nutrition for reaching the Millennium Development Goals
Culture, traditions and reproductive health
Currency conversion upon departure from duty station
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Daily Subsistence Allowance
DAR and DLI guidelines workshop in Zambia
Deciding on the methodology/ies to be used
Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS
Declaration on the elimination of discrimination against women
Defining, measuring and influencing sustainable return
Defining the scope, objectives and terms of reference
Demobilization and Reintegration Programme in Eritrea
Dependency allowances for staff
Deputy High Commissioner
Design and implementation of contractor training
Designation of UNHCR country offices
Desk study on the environment in Liberia
Detailed project submissions
Details of community based sanitary facilities
Determination of final step at promotion level
Determination of refugee status
Developing post-conflict microfinance institutions
Development Assistance for Refugees (DAR)
Development dimensions of crisis and post-conflict management
Development strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Development through Local Integration (DLI)
Different ways to achieve small contracting development
Disciplinary measures and procedures
Discrimination against people living with HIV
Disposal of stock and assets
Distance learning in emergency preparedness and response
Distinct socio-economic groups
Distribution monitoring report
Division of External Relations
Division of Information Systems and Telecommunications
Division of Operational Support
"Do no harm" principle workshop
Domestic energy needs, availability and use
Domestic violence and vulnerability to HIV In Uganda
Donor of the person authorised to drive a UNHCR's vehicle
Donor Relations and Resource Mobilisation Service
Draft prevalence survey questionnaire
Duration and termination of employment
Duty Officer System
Dynamics of return and sustainable reintegration
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Early Retirement Programme
ECHO Manual Project Cycle Management
Economic impact of AIDS
Economic mapping and capacity building for female refugees
ECOSOC humanitarian affairs segment
Education grant and special education grant for disabled children
Education grant travel
Education in emergencies
Education policy commitments
Education Statistics Report
Educational assistance to refugees
Educational handbook for health personnel
Effect of breastfeeding on infant and child mortality
Elements to take into account in developing the protection component of the plan
Embassies and High Commissions
Emergency and Security Service (ESS)
Emergency care and family tracing for children from birth to five years
Emergency field operations pocketbook
Emergency fund and voluntary repatriation fund
Emergency health kit
Emergency nutrition assessment of crisis affected populations
Emergency relief items
Emergency response resources
Emergency sanitation
Emergency vector control - using chemicals
Emergency water sources
Emerging issues in programs serving displaced populations
Emerging themes in epidemiology
Employee performance review system records
Employment-intensive reconstruction works in countries emerging from armed conflicts
Enabling environment for development through small-scale contracting
Energy requirements for emergency-affected populations
Ensuring durable solutions for Rwanda's displaced people
Entitlements on separation and other provisions
Entry medical examination
Environmental assessment study for proposed extension to refugee camp
Environmental guidelines forestry in refugee situations
Environmental health in emergencies and disasters
Environmental health risks
Environmental management within refugee operations
Environmentally friendlier procurement guidelines
Environment/natural resource management concerns
Equal treatment of men and women in the organization
Equipment for vector control
Eritrea Integrated Recovery Programme
Essential information required in field office transactions
Establishment of the Medical Insurance Plan Management Committee
Estimate for the construction of police post in UNHCR camps
Estimates for construction
Ethical and safety recommendations for research on domestic violence against women
European Commission de-concentration process and implications for UNHCR
Evacuation of unaccompanied children from Rwanda
Evaluating sourcing options and approval for purchasing
Evaluation of micro-credit programmes
Evaluation of the Dadaab firewood project, Kenya
Evaluation of UNHCR's efforts on behalf of children and adolescents
Exception to staff rule
Exceptional procedures for the staffing of project positions
Excreta disposal in emergencies
Executive Committee conclusions specific to refugee children
Explanation and guide
Exploring refugee youth empowerment
Extension to the Field of the option of a lump sum payment for travel by air
External recruitment at HQ
External studies in UNHCR
Extra-regional travel against Headquarters' administrative budget obligation documents
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