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On this page readers can obtain a listing of documents under the subject headings. Click on the bookshelf icon of a subject heading to display the sub-headings, or to return to the main subjects. Click on the icon of a sub-heading to obtain the concerned documents. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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close this section of the library17 Environment
View the PDF documentEnvironmental Considerations of Human Displacement in Liberia - A Guide for Decision-Makers and Practitioners (UNEP; 2006; 157 pages) - 3.02MB
View the PDF documentEnvironmental Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation in LWF/DWS (LWF/WS-Eritrea; 2003; 36 pages) - 237.19KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment in Disasters (BUHRC, CARE, UCL; 2005; 109 pages) - 420.51KB