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On this page readers can obtain a listing of documents under the subject headings. Click on the bookshelf icon of a subject heading to display the sub-headings, or to return to the main subjects. Click on the icon of a sub-heading to obtain the concerned documents. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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close this section of the library15 Food and Livelihoods
View the PDF documentAction Sheet 16 - Livelihoods (2007; 9 pages) - 100.61KB
View the PDF documentAction Sheet 18 - Food Aid and Nutrition (2007; 6 pages) - 94.24KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Food Security Assessment Handbook - First Edition (ODAN, WFP; 2005; 157 pages) - 5.84MB
View the PDF documentFood Aid and Livelihoods in Emergencies: Strategies for WFP (WFP; 2003; 14 pages) - 272.32KB
View the PDF documentFood and Nutritional Needs in Emergencies (UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, WHO; 2003; 56 pages) - 192.45KB
View the PDF documentGetting Started: HIV, AIDS and Gender in WFP Programmes (WFP; 2006; 40 pages) - 3.60MB
View the PDF documentIntegrating Protection Into Food Aid (WFP; 2007; 2 pages) - 558.62KB
View the PDF documentNutrition in Emergencies: WFP Experiences and Challenges (WFP; 2004; 17 pages) - 409.10KB
View the PDF documentTargeting in Emergencies (WFP; 2006; 27 pages) - 1.09MB
View the PDF documentUNHCR/WFP Joint Assessment Guidelines (with Tools and Resource Materials) (UNHCR, WFP; 2004; 216 pages) - 2.77MB