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View the PDF documentAction Sheet 11 - Land and Property (2007; 8 pages) - 96.37KB
View the PDF documentThe Colombian Conflict in Historical Perspective : The Evolution of the Land Issue (16 pages) - 38.77KB
View the PDF documentFact Sheet No. 21, The Human Right to Adequate Housing (22 pages) - 102.85KB
View the PDF documentGoing Home: Land and Property Issues (NRC/IDP, RSC; 2000; 48 pages) - 997.66KB
View the PDF documentHousing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Displaced Persons - Implementing the ‘Pinheiro Principles’ (FAO, IDMC, NRC, OCHA, UN-HABITAT, UNHCR, UNOHCHR; 2007; 114 pages) - 1.43MB
View the PDF documentNew Housing, Land and Property Restitution Rights (2 pages) - 235.56KB
View the PDF documentOffice of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Geneva - Annex I - Checklist on the Restitution of Housing and Property (UNHCR; 2001; 4 pages) - 124.15KB
View the PDF documentProperty Restitution in Practice: The Norwegian Refugee Councils’ Experience (NRC; 2005; 29 pages) - 648.73KB
View the PDF documentReturn or Transformation? Land and the Resettlement of IDPs in Northern Uganda (IRC, LEMU, NRC, Oxfam International; 2007; 4 pages) - 238.66KB