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close this section of the libraryProtection Handbooks and Manuals
View the PDF documentAn ALNAP Guide for Humanitarian Agencies (ALNAP; 2005; 118 pages) - 631.41KB
View the PDF documentExamples from UN Agencies and Partner Organisations of Field-based Initiatives Supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IASC, OCHA; 1999; 89 pages) - 2.33MB
View the PDF documentFor the Consideration of Issues Pertaining to the Protection of Civilians (OCHA; 2004; 26 pages) - 126.98KB
View the PDF documentGrowing the Sheltering Tree - Protecting Rights Through Humanitarian Action (IASC, UNICEF; 2002; 240 pages) - 3.48MB
View the PDF documentHandbook for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (PCWG; 2007; 380 pages) - 2.96MB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights and Natural Disasters - Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, IASC; 2008; 93 pages) - 628.15KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights Guidance Note for Humanitarian Coordinators (IASC; 2006; 24 pages) - 319.45KB
View the PDF documentManuel sur la protection des déplacés internes - Note d’orientation 12 - Coordination et gestion de camps et autres installations collectives (8 pages) - 84.98KB
View the PDF documentOperational Protection in Camps and Settlements (UNHCR; 2006; 259 pages) - 969.78KB
View the PDF documentLa protection des personnes déplacées par un conflit a l’intérieur de leur pays: évaluation en vue d’une action (PCWG; 2008; 85 pages) - 4.29MB
View the PDF documentProtection of Conflict-Induced IDPs: Assessment for Action (PCWG; 2008; 96 pages) - 2.44MB
View the PDF documentUNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls (UNHCR; 2008; 416 pages) - 23.52MB
View the PDF documentWomen, Girls, Boys and Men: Different Needs - Equal Opportunities (IASC; 2006; 126 pages) - 3.34MB