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On this page readers can obtain a listing of documents under the subject headings. Click on the bookshelf icon of a subject heading to display the sub-headings, or to return to the main subjects. Click on the icon of a sub-heading to obtain the concerned documents. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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View the PDF documentIDP Reporting Format - Bi-Weekly Updates on the Roll Out of the Cluster Approach (UNHCR; 1 page) - 15.76KB
View the PDF documentInternally Displaced People (ICRC; 2007; 32 pages) - 983.89KB
View the PDF documentPrincipes de partenariat - Une déclaration d’engagement - Avalisée par la Plateforme humanitaire globale, 12 juillet 2007 (2007; 1 page) - 19.57KB