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close this section of the libraryEmergency Shelter
View the PDF documentAction Sheet 13 - Shelter (2007; 10 pages) - 90.98KB
View the PDF documentAfter the Tsunami - Sustainable Building Guidelines for South-East Asia (UNEP; 2007; 69 pages) - 1.89MB
View the PDF documentDraft Oxfam Operational Guidelines - Site Selection for Temporary Settlements (Oxfam International; 13 pages) - 46.23KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Handbook Notes on Shelter (UNHCR; 5 pages) - 958.76KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Shelter in Sri Lanka - Handbook of Options (FORUT, Help, ICRC, IOM, J-SAC, NRC, Oxfam International, UNHCR, UNOPS, Zoa Refugee CARE; 41 pages) - 3.52MB
View the PDF documentA Guide to the Specification and Use of Plastic Sheeting in Humanitarian Relief - Plastic Sheeting (IFRC, Oxfam International; 2007; 54 pages) - 684.44KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Assessment in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 20 pages) - 181.32KB
View the PDF documentIntroduction to Emergency Shelter (2007; 4 paginas) - 447.38KB
View the PDF documentLessons Learned - Pakistan - EseƱanzas - Pakistan (2007; 1 pagina) - 44.04KB
View the PDF documentLessons Learned Lebanon Presentation (UNHCR; 2006; 3 pages) - 328.52KB
View the PDF documentPocket Guide to Rapid Site Assessments (UNHCR; 2007; 38 pages) - 652.17KB
View the PDF documentProposed Shelters for IDP Support (Bill of Quantities) (2008; 2 pages) - 9.73KB
View the PDF documentReview of Responses to 45 Questions Related to Pakistan Earthquake Operation on Emergency Shelter (IASC; 2006; 32 pages) - 209.25KB
View the PDF documentShelter after Disaster (UN; 2007; 151 pages) - 3.72MB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 10 pages) - 181.41KB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell Report - Sri Lanka (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 9 pages) - 188.42KB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell Report - Sri Lanka (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 9 pages) - 179.47KB
View the PDF documentShelter Non-Food Items Cluster - Transitional Shelter Project (2008; 10 pages) - 50.50KB
View the PDF documentShelter Standards (2007; 3 pages) - 100.32KB
View the PDF documentUNHCR Shelter Needs (UNHCR; 2006; 2 pages) - 26.93KB
View the PDF documentWinterised Shelter Assistance for Disaster Affected Populations in Post- Earthquake Pakistan 2005 (ACTED, CARE, CRS, ICRC, IFRC, IOM, SCF; 2005; 9 pages) - 313.07KB