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close this section of the libraryCamp Coordination and Camp Management
close this section of the libraryRoles, Responsibilities and ToRs
View the PDF documentAdministration de camp (Supervision) / Rôle des gouvernements et des autorités nationales (2006; 2 pages) - 21.02KB
View the PDF documentArrière-plan des questions interdisciplinaires (5 pages) - 29.77KB
View the PDF documentCamp Coordination and Camp Management - Camp Cluster Coordinator - Terms of Reference (2007; 4 pages) - 57.09KB
View the PDF documentCCCM - Agence gestionnaire du camp - Suggestion de termes de référence (11 pages) - 40.46KB
View the PDF documentCCCM - Camp Management Agency - Suggested Terms of References (11 pages) - 38.75KB
View the PDF documentCCCM Cluster Framework - Roles and Responsibilities in Carrying Out Camp Responses (2006; 2 pages) - 19.63KB
View the PDF documentCCCM Cluster Framework - Roles y Responsabilidades en la Estructura de los Campamentos (IASC; 3 paginas) - 16.78KB
View the PDF documentCCCM Cluster Lead and OCHA - Roles and Responsibilities in Cluster Coordination (IASC; 2 pages) - 18.77KB
View the PDF documentChecklist for Camp Cluster Coordinator (3 pages) - 31.46KB
View the PDF documentCoopération du Gestionnaire du camp (CM) et du Coordinateur du camp (CC) dans le CCCM (3 pages) - 20.63KB
View the PDF documentCoordination et gestion de camp des déplaces internes - Structure pour les Bureaux d’UNHCR (HCNUR; 2005; 14 pages) - 80.17KB
View the PDF documentGeneric Terms of Reference for Cluster Leads at the Country Level (IASC; 2006; 3 pages) - 16.97KB
View the PDF documentIDP Camp Coordination and Camp Management - A Framework for UNHCR Offices (UNHCR; 2006; 15 pages) - 54.88KB
View the PDF documentLista de Verificación para Coordinadores de Campamentos / Lideres del Cluster (2007; 4 paginas) - 73.29KB
View the PDF documentListe de vérification pour le coordinateur - Première version 8 août 2007 (2007; 4 pages) - 39.46KB
View the PDF documentModule de la coordination du camp et de la gestion du camp - Sujets clés a connaître (4 pages) - 26.39KB
View the PDF documentRoles and Responsibilities Mapping - Wash and CCCM Clusters (2007; 5 pages) - 34.82KB
View the PDF documentTérminos de Referencia para el Coordinador de Campamentos (2007; 4 paginas) - 58.01KB