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On this page the documents are listed according to the organizations involved in their publication. Select the icon of an organization to view the concerned documents. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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close this section of the libraryInter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)
View the PDF documentCCCM Cluster Lead and OCHA - Roles and Responsibilities in Cluster Coordination (IASC; 2 pages) - 18.77KB
View the PDF documentChild Protection Working Group of the PCWG: Terms of Reference (IASC, PCWG; 2008; 2 pages) - 54.84KB
View the PDF documentCivil-Military Relationship in Complex Emergencies - An IASC Reference Paper (IASC; 2004; 17 pages) - 67.12KB
View the PDF documentCluster Working Group on Protection: Progress Report (IASC, PCWG; 2005; 36 pages) - 589.11KB
View the PDF documentCross Cutting Issues Background (IASC; 4 pages) - 25.74KB
View the PDF documentExamples from UN Agencies and Partner Organisations of Field-based Initiatives Supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IASC, OCHA; 1999; 89 pages) - 2.33MB
View the PDF documentFrequently Asked Questions on International Humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law in the Context of Armed Conflict (IASC; 2004; 38 pages) - 819.77KB
View the PDF documentGender and Camp - Coordination and Camp Management in Emergencies (IASC; 8 pages) - 483.23KB
View the PDF documentGeneric Terms of Reference for Cluster Leads at the Country Level (IASC; 2006; 3 pages) - 16.97KB
View the PDF documentGlobal Protection Cluster Working Group (PCWG) (IASC, PCWG; 2008; 8 pages) - 55.44KB
View the PDF documentGrowing the Sheltering Tree - Protecting Rights Through Humanitarian Action (IASC, UNICEF; 2002; 240 pages) - 3.48MB
View the PDF documentGuidance Note on Using the Cluster Approach to Strengthen Humanitarian Response (IASC; 2006; 15 pages) - 82.32KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Assessment in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 20 pages) - 181.32KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Flash Appeals (IASC; 2006; 8 pages) - 57.82KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Gender-based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Settings (IASC; 2005; 100 pages) - 1.84MB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for HIV/AIDS Interventions in Emergency Settings (IASC; 108 pages) - 3.24MB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights and Natural Disasters - Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, IASC; 2008; 93 pages) - 628.15KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights Guidance Note for Humanitarian Coordinators (IASC; 2006; 24 pages) - 319.45KB
View the PDF documentIASC Gender Handbook - Gender and Education in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 9 pages) - 150.47KB
View the PDF documentIASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC; 2007; 99 pages) - 830.42KB
View the PDF documentIASC Interim Self-Assessment of Implementation of the Cluster Approach in the Field (IASC; 2006; 53 pages) - 529.39KB
View the PDF documentInter-Agency Contingency Planning Guidelines for Humanitarian Assistance (IASC; 2007; 46 pages) - 2.18MB
View the PDF documentInterim Working Group on Camp Coordination and Management - Final Report (IASC; 2005; 18 pages) - 79.99KB
View the PDF documentThe Needs Analysis Framework - Strengthening the Process of Analysis and Presentation of Humanitarian Needs in the CAP (IASC; 2006; 31 pages) - 144.32KB
View the PDF documentOperational Guidance on Designating Sector Cluster Leads in Major New Emergencies (IASC; 2007; 3 pages) - 31.98KB
View the PDF documentOperational Guidance on Designating Sector Cluster Leads in Ongoing Emergencies (IASC; 2007; 3 pages) - 30.23KB
View the PDF documentOperational Guidance on Responsibilities of Cluster Sector Leads & OCHA in Information Management (IASC; 2007; 4 pages) - 40.83KB
View the PDF documentReview of Responses to 45 Questions Related to Pakistan Earthquake Operation on Emergency Shelter (IASC; 2006; 32 pages) - 209.25KB
View the PDF documentStrengthen Access to Safe and Supportive Education (IASC; 4 pages) - 847.71KB
View the PDF documentStrong and Fragile: Learning from Older People in Emergencies (IASC, UNFPA; 2007; 31 pages) - 270.29KB
View the PDF documentWomen, Girls, Boys and Men: Different Needs - Equal Opportunities (IASC; 2006; 124 pages) - 3.13MB
View the PDF documentWomen, Girls, Boys and Men: Different Needs - Equal Opportunities (IASC; 2006; 126 pages) - 3.34MB