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On this page the documents are listed according to the organizations involved in their publication. Select the icon of an organization to view the concerned documents. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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close this section of the libraryOxfam International
View the PDF documentBuilding Trust in Diverse Teams - The Toolkit for Emergency Response (Oxfam International; 2007; 142 pages) - 795.38KB
View the PDF documentDraft Oxfam Operational Guidelines - Site Selection for Temporary Settlements (Oxfam International; 13 pages) - 46.23KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Shelter in Sri Lanka - Handbook of Options (FORUT, Help, ICRC, IOM, J-SAC, NRC, Oxfam International, UNHCR, UNOPS, Zoa Refugee CARE; 41 pages) - 3.52MB
View the PDF documentThe Good Enough Guide - Impact Measurement and Accountability in Emergencies (CARE, CRS, IRC, Mercy Corps, Oxfam International, Save the Children, World Vision; 2007; 42 pages) - 614.26KB
View the PDF documentA Guide to the Specification and Use of Plastic Sheeting in Humanitarian Relief - Plastic Sheeting (IFRC, Oxfam International; 2007; 54 pages) - 684.44KB
View the PDF documentThe Internally Displaced in Sri Lanka Discussion Paper on Equity (CARE, Christian Aid, Jaffna Social Action Centre, NRC, OCHA, Oxfam International, UNDP, UNHCR, Zoa Refugee CARE; 2005; 26 pages) - 849.07KB
View the PDF documentReturn or Transformation? Land and the Resettlement of IDPs in Northern Uganda (IRC, LEMU, NRC, Oxfam International; 2007; 4 pages) - 238.66KB