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This page lists the documents in the Library according to the year of their publication, starting with the most recent ones. To display a list of documents issued during a certain year click on the respective link (e.g. 2001, 2002). Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
Alphabetically - Chronologically
9 documents on 1 page in this set  
View the PDF documentAction for the Rights of Children (ARC): Community Mobilisation Module (ARC; 2001; 122 pages) - 614.90KB
View the PDF documentGood Practices in Gender Equality Mainstreaming. A Practical Guide to Empowerment (UNHCR; 2001; 32 pages) - 1.58MB
View the PDF documentGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement - Arabic Version (2001; 14 pages) - 149.65KB
View the PDF documentOffice of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Geneva - Annex I - Checklist on the Restitution of Housing and Property (UNHCR; 2001; 4 pages) - 124.15KB
View the PDF documentParticipatory Techniques and Tools - A WFP Guide (WFP; 2001; 281 pages) - 1.89MB
View the PDF documentResolution 1379 (2001) Adopted by the Security Council at its 4423rd meeting (UN; 2001; 5 pages) - 112.48KB
View the PDF documentResolution Adopted by the General Assembly - 55-77 Assistance to Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons in Africa (UN; 2001; 6 pages) - 127.86KB
View the PDF documentUNHCR Guidelines on the Sharing of Information on Individual Cases - "Confidentiality Guidelines" (UNHCR; 2001; 15 pages) - 98.11KB
View the PDF documentUse of Military or Armed Escorts for Humanitarian Convoys - Discussion Paper and Non-Binding Guidelines (OCHA; 2001; 15 pages) - 49.96KB