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This page lists the documents in the Library according to the year of their publication, starting with the most recent ones. To display a list of documents issued during a certain year click on the respective link (e.g. 2001, 2002). Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
Alphabetically - Chronologically
33 documents on 1 page in this set  
View the PDF documentCamp Coordination and Camp Management - Best Practice Review (UN; 2008; 33 pages) - 120.22KB
View the PDF documentThe Camp Management Toolkit (NRC/CMP; 2008; 598 pages) - 5.14MB
View the PDF documentChild Protection Coordination within the Cluster Approach: An Inter-Agency Survey (2008; 129 pages) - 769.89KB
View the PDF documentChild Protection Working Group of the PCWG: Terms of Reference (IASC, PCWG; 2008; 2 pages) - 54.84KB
View the PDF documentChild Protection Working Group/PCWG: 2008 Global Work Plan (PCWG; 2008; 13 pages) - 44.87KB
View the PDF documentUN Common Approach to Justice for Children (UN; 2008; 21 pages) - 107.18KB
View the PDF documentA Community-based Approach in UNHCR Operations (UNHCR; 2008; 126 pages) - 8.08MB
View the PDF documentDanish Refugee Council - Internal Displacement Profiling Toolbox (DRC; 2008; 23 pages) - 97.40KB
View the PDF documentFactsheet Camp Profile Mugunga (HCNUR; 2008; 3 pages) - 105.41KB
View the PDF documentGlobal Protection Cluster Working Group (PCWG) (IASC, PCWG; 2008; 8 pages) - 55.44KB
View the PDF documentGuidance on Profiling Internally Displaced Persons (NRC, OCHA; 2008; 80 pages) - 1.00MB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights and Natural Disasters - Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, IASC; 2008; 93 pages) - 628.15KB
View the PDF documentInformation Management Chart - Kenya (2008; 1 page) - 3.19KB
View the PDF documentInternally Displaced People - Questions & Answers (UNHCR; 2008; 17 pages) - 97.54KB
View the PDF documentKenya Post Elections Crisis - Areas of Operation by Hub (WFP/VAM; 2008; 1 page) - 1.68MB
View the PDF documentKenya Red Cross - Post-Election Violence Update - Eldoret Showground Camp (Kenya Red Cross Society; 2008; 9 pages) - 264.25KB
View the PDF documentKenya Red Cross - Post-Election Violence Update - Kenya Humanitarian Forum Meeting (Kenya Red Cross Society; 2008; 28 pages) - 756.42KB
View the PDF documentKenya: Displacement and Humanitarian Response (UN; 2008; 1 page) - 375.06KB
View the PDF documentProposed Shelters for IDP Support (Bill of Quantities) (2008; 2 pages) - 9.73KB
View the PDF documentProtection Cluster Working Group Workplan 2008 (PCWG; 2008; 12 pages) - 133.59KB
View the PDF documentLa protection des personnes déplacées par un conflit a l’intérieur de leur pays: évaluation en vue d’une action (PCWG; 2008; 85 pages) - 4.29MB
View the PDF documentProtection of Conflict-Induced IDPs: Assessment for Action (PCWG; 2008; 96 pages) - 2.44MB
View the PDF documentResults of the Rapid Population Assessment of IDP Settlements in Afgooye (UNHCR; 2008; 16 pages) - 326.08KB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 10 pages) - 181.41KB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell Report - Sri Lanka (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 9 pages) - 188.42KB
View the PDF documentShelter Coordination Cell Report - Sri Lanka (NRC, SOLIDAR, UNHCR, UNOPS; 2008; 9 pages) - 179.47KB
View the PDF documentShelter Non-Food Items Cluster - Transitional Shelter Project (2008; 10 pages) - 50.50KB
View the PDF documentStandard Operating Procedures for UNHCR and Partners to Assist Persons with Specific Needs in Sri Lanka (UNHCR; 2008; 6 pages) - 35.05KB
View the PDF documentTechnical Guidelines for the Consolidated Appeals (2008; 35 pages) - 214.37KB
View the PDF documentUNHCR Guidelines on Determining the Best Interests of the Child (UNHCR; 2008; 97 pages) - 1.28MB
View the PDF documentUNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls (UNHCR; 2008; 416 pages) - 23.52MB
View the PDF documentUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Kenya: Who, What, Where (UN; 2008; 1 page) - 1.07MB
View the PDF documentWhat Makes a Camp Safe? - The Protection of Children from Abduction in Internally Displaced Persons and Refugee Camps (Ford Institute for Human Security, University of Pittsburgh; 2008; 20 pages) - 3.04MB