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This page lists the documents in the Library according to the year of their publication, starting with the most recent ones. To display a list of documents issued during a certain year click on the respective link (e.g. 2001, 2002). Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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View the PDF documentAddress Systems for Refugee and IDP Camps - A Guidance Note - Annex 1 (UNHCR; 2006; 6 pages) - 227.13KB
View the PDF documentAdministration de camp (Supervision) / Rôle des gouvernements et des autorités nationales (2006; 2 pages) - 21.02KB
View the PDF documentThe Administration of Justice in Refugee Camps: A Study of Practice (UNHCR; 2006; 86 pages) - 560.16KB
View the PDF documentBasic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law (UN; 2006; 9 pages) - 146.19KB
View the PDF documentCamp Coordination and Camp Management - Buduburam Refugee Camp (UNHCR; 2006; 2 pages) - 55.00KB
View the PDF documentCCCM Cluster Framework - Roles and Responsibilities in Carrying Out Camp Responses (2006; 2 pages) - 19.63KB
View the PDF documentChapter 1: Camp Coordination & Camp Management - Final Draft (IOM, NRC, UNHCR; 2006; 6 pages) - 43.19KB
View the PDF documentConclusion on Identification, Prevention and Reduction of Statelessness and Protection of Stateless Persons (UNHCR; 2006; 4 pages) - 29.46KB
View the PDF documentConfidence Building and Stabilisation Measures for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North & East of Sri Lanka (MDMHR, UNHCR; 2006; 36 pages) - 193.95KB
View the PDF documentDelivering as One - Report of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel (UN; 2006; 58 pages) - 542.00KB
View the PDF documentDisplaced Women and Girls At Risk: Risk Factors, Protection Solutions and Resource Tools (WCRWC; 2006; 56 pages) - 233.79KB
View the PDF documentEducation in Emergencies - A Resource Tool Kit (UNICEF; 2006; 208 pages) - 2.51MB
View the PDF documentEnvironmental Considerations of Human Displacement in Liberia - A Guide for Decision-Makers and Practitioners (UNEP; 2006; 157 pages) - 3.02MB
View the PDF documentFAQ about the CAP (2006; 7 pages) - 41.80KB
View the PDF documentField-Office Memorandum No 20/2006 - Guidance Note on Address Systems for Refugee IDP Camps (UNHCR; 2006; 1 page) - 11.68KB
View the PDF documentFirst Regional Conference on Internal Displacement in West Africa Abuja, Nigeria - Meeting Recommendations and Summary of Discussions (2006; 7 pages) - 42.30KB
View the PDF documentFramework and Operational Process for the Return or Resettlement of Persons Displaced by the October Earthquake (2006; 8 pages) - 48.89KB
View the PDF documentFramework for LAICs to Provide Protection to IDPs (UNHCR; 2006; 26 pages) - 90.54KB
View the PDF documentFrequently Asked Questions on a Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation (UNOHCHR; 2006; 50 pages) - 962.15KB
View the PDF documentGeneric Terms of Reference for Cluster Leads at the Country Level (IASC; 2006; 3 pages) - 16.97KB
View the PDF documentGetting Started: HIV, AIDS and Gender in WFP Programmes (WFP; 2006; 40 pages) - 3.60MB
View the PDF documentGihembe Camp (HCNUR; 2006; 1 page) - 87.77KB
View the PDF documentGuidance Note on Using the Cluster Approach to Strengthen Humanitarian Response (IASC; 2006; 15 pages) - 82.32KB
View the PDF documentGuide to International Human Rights Mechanisms for Internally Displaced Persons and their Advocates (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement; 2006; 240 pages) - 4.56MB
View the PDF documentA Guide to the International Mine Action Standards (GICHD; 2006; 142 pages) - 754.71KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Assessment in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 20 pages) - 181.32KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Flash Appeals (IASC; 2006; 8 pages) - 57.82KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines on Humanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups (OCHA; 2006; 23 pages) - 759.28KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights Guidance Note for Humanitarian Coordinators (IASC; 2006; 24 pages) - 319.45KB
View the PDF documentHumanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups - A Manual for Practitioners (OCHA; 2006; 97 pages) - 1.37MB
View the PDF documentIASC Gender Handbook - Gender and Education in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 9 pages) - 150.47KB
View the PDF documentIASC Interim Self-Assessment of Implementation of the Cluster Approach in the Field (IASC; 2006; 53 pages) - 529.39KB
View the PDF documentIDP Camp Coordination and Camp Management - A Framework for UNHCR Offices (UNHCR; 2006; 15 pages) - 54.88KB
View the PDF documentIndicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming: A Users’ Guide (UNDP; 2006; 32 pages) - 829.08KB
View the PDF documentInternational Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights (UNAIDS, UNOHCHR; 2006; 120 pages) - 825.71KB
View the PDF documentIntroduction to OCHA and the “Humanitarian Environment” (OCHA; 2006; 21 pages) - 259.69KB
View the PDF documentIOM and Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster: Update (IOM; 2006; 2 pages) - 74.72KB
View the PDF documentLessons Learned Lebanon Presentation (UNHCR; 2006; 3 pages) - 328.52KB
View the PDF documentMapping in Support to Camp Coordination and Management (FICSS/DOS; 2006; 1 page) - 24.02KB
View the PDF documentMaster Glossary of Terms - Status Determination and Protection Information Section (UNHCR; 2006; 24 pages) - 148.93KB
View the PDF documentIn Need of Durable Solutions: The Revolving Door of Internal Displacement in West Africa (IDMC, NRC; 2006; 36 pages) - 1.30MB
View the PDF documentThe Needs Analysis Framework - Strengthening the Process of Analysis and Presentation of Humanitarian Needs in the CAP (IASC; 2006; 31 pages) - 144.32KB
View the PDF documentNote d’orientation sur la mise en oeuvre de l’approche de responsabilité sectorielle («Cluster Approach») pour renforcer l’action humanitaire (IASC; 2006; 17 pages) - 110.71KB
View the PDF documentNote from the Secretary-General - Guidance on Integrated Missions (UN; 2006; 6 pages) - 313.60KB
View the PDF documentNote on HIV/AIDS and the Protection of Refugees, IDPs and Other Persons of Concern (UNHCR; 2006; 15 pages) - 147.65KB
View the PDF documentNote sur le VIH/SIDA et la protection des réfugiés, des déplacés internes et des autres personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR (HCNUR; 2006; 17 pages) - 232.15KB
View the PDF documentOperational Protection in Camps and Settlements (UNHCR; 2006; 259 pages) - 969.78KB
Click here to access the subsections of the documentL’outil de l’UNHCR pour l'évaluation participative dans les opérations (HCNUR; 2006; 90 pages)
View the PDF documentResolution 1674 (2006) Adopted by the Security Council at its 5430th meeting (UN; 2006; 5 pages) - 39.70KB
View the PDF documentResolution Adopted by the General Assembly - 60-128 Assistance to Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons in Africa (UN; 2006; 5 pages) - 126.55KB
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