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This page lists the documents in the Library according to the year of their publication, starting with the most recent ones. To display a list of documents issued during a certain year click on the respective link (e.g. 2001, 2002). Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
Alphabetically - Chronologically
45 documents on 1 page in this set  
View the PDF document2005 World Summit Outcome Document (UN; 2005; 40 pages) - 212.64KB
View the PDF documentAddressing Internal Displacement: A Framework for National Responsibility (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement; 2005; 42 pages) - 2.21MB
View the PDF documentAn ALNAP Guide for Humanitarian Agencies (ALNAP; 2005; 118 pages) - 631.41KB
View the PDF documentAssessment of IDP Situations (UNHCR; 2005; 3 pages) - 11.02KB
View the PDF documentChildren and Armed Conflict (UN; 2005; 39 pages) - 211.85KB
View the PDF documentCluster Working Group on Protection: Progress Report (IASC, PCWG; 2005; 36 pages) - 589.11KB
View the PDF documentCoordination et gestion de camp des déplaces internes - Structure pour les Bureaux d’UNHCR (HCNUR; 2005; 14 pages) - 80.17KB
View the PDF documentDarfur - Livelihoods under Siege (Feinstein International Famine Center; 2005; 212 pages) - 2.18MB
View the PDF documentDjabal Age Group and Sex (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 130.24KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Camp Facilities (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 142.68KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Camp Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 142.27KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Refugee Population: Lots (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 118.56KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Vulnerability (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 120.29KB
View the PDF documentDraft Framework for the Return or Resettlement and Reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda (2005; 16 pages) - 131.69KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Food Security Assessment Handbook - First Edition (ODAN, WFP; 2005; 157 pages) - 5.84MB
View the PDF documentFormation à la protection des personnes déplacées internes - Impliquer les acteurs non étatiques (CNR, IDMC; 2005; 3 pages) - 42.30KB
View the PDF documentFormato para la Transversalización de los Derechos Humanos en los Proyectos o Programas de la ONU en Colombia (ONU; 2005; 4 paginas) - 16.46KB
View the PDF documentGender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes (IMAS; 2005; 30 pages) - 284.05KB
View the PDF documentGeneral Assembly - Protection of and assistance to internally displaced persons (UN; 2005; 22 pages) - 117.68KB
View the PDF documentGood practices in combating and eliminating violence against women (UN/DAW, UNODC; 2005; 52 pages) - 358.16KB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Gender-based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Settings (IASC; 2005; 100 pages) - 1.84MB
View the PDF documentGuidelines for Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment in Disasters (BUHRC, CARE, UCL; 2005; 109 pages) - 420.51KB
View the PDF documentGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement - Dinka Version (UN; 2005; 24 pages) - 1.09MB
View the PDF documentGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement - Nuer Version (UN; 2005; 27 pages) - 958.59KB
View the PDF documentGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement - Yoruba Version (OCHA; 2005; 19 pages) - 494.42KB
View the PDF documentHandbook for Self-reliance (UNHCR; 2005; 334 pages) - 2.63MB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights: A Handbook for Parliamentarians (IPU, UNOHCHR; 2005; 198 pages) - 2.68MB
View the PDF documentInterim Working Group on Camp Coordination and Management - Final Report (IASC; 2005; 18 pages) - 79.99KB
View the PDF documentThe Internally Displaced in Sri Lanka Discussion Paper on Equity (CARE, Christian Aid, Jaffna Social Action Centre, NRC, OCHA, Oxfam International, UNDP, UNHCR, Zoa Refugee CARE; 2005; 26 pages) - 849.07KB
View the PDF documentAn Introduction to Mine Risk Education (IMAS; 2005; 42 pages) - 383.16KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Age Group and Sex (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 209.72KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Camp Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 188.05KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Sectoral Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 186.75KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Water Sector (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 223.62KB
View the PDF documentNationality and Statelessness: A Handbook for Parliamentarians (IPU, UNHCR; 2005; 70 pages) - 548.61KB
View the PDF documentNetwork Paper: Protecting and Assisting Older People in Emergencies (HPN; 2005; 36 pages) - 574.97KB
View the PDF documentOptional Module:Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) (IDMC, NRC; 2005; 27 pages) - 128.31KB
View the PDF documentProgramming for Justice: Access for All (UNDP; 2005; 256 pages) - 2.01MB
View the PDF documentProperty Restitution in Practice: The Norwegian Refugee Councils’ Experience (NRC; 2005; 29 pages) - 648.73KB
View the PDF documentReport of the Secretary-General on Women and Peace and Security (UN; 2005; 59 pages) - 207.44KB
View the PDF documentResolution 1612 (2005) Adopted by the Security Council at its 5235th meeting (UN; 2005; 5 pages) - 39.49KB
View the PDF documentResolution Adopted by the General Assembly - 59-172 Assistance to Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons in Africa (UN; 2005; 5 pages) - 122.52KB
View the PDF documentStrategy for Resolving the Issues of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Montenegro (2005; 58 pages) - 397.00KB
View the PDF documentUpdated Set of Principles for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Through Action to Combat Impunity (UN; 2005; 19 pages) - 63.21KB
View the PDF documentWinterised Shelter Assistance for Disaster Affected Populations in Post- Earthquake Pakistan 2005 (ACTED, CARE, CRS, ICRC, IFRC, IOM, SCF; 2005; 9 pages) - 313.07KB