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This page lists the documents in the library according to the first letter in the document title. To display a list of documents starting with a character (e.g. A) click on the corresponding letter. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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View the PDF documentEducation in Emergencies - A Resource Tool Kit (UNICEF; 2006; 208 pages) - 2.51MB
View the PDF documentEducation in Situations of Displacement: Key Resources (INEE; 12 pages) - 72.84KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Capacity Building Pilot Projects - Promising Practices for Risk Reduction (CARE, CRS, IRC, Mercy Corps, Oxfam GB, Save the Children, World Vision; 2007; 29 pages) - 2.61MB
View the PDF documentEmergency Food Security Assessment Handbook - First Edition (ODAN, WFP; 2005; 157 pages) - 5.84MB
View the PDF documentEmergency Handbook Notes on Shelter (UNHCR; 5 pages) - 958.76KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Shelter Coordinator Training - Capacitación de Coordinadores del Sector Refugio de Emergencia (2007; 5 pages) - 631.20KB
View the PDF documentEmergency Shelter in Sri Lanka - Handbook of Options (FORUT, Help, ICRC, IOM, J-SAC, NRC, Oxfam International, UNHCR, UNOPS, Zoa Refugee CARE; 41 pages) - 3.52MB
View the PDF documentEnglish-French Humanitarian Aid Glossary for Solidarités (2007; 14 pages) - 81.59KB
View the PDF documentEnhanced Protection for Children Affected by AIDS (UNICEF; 2007; 60 pages) - 1.59MB
View the PDF documentEnhancing Women’s Participation in Electoral Processes in Post-Conflict Countries (OSAGI; 2004; 35 pages) - 118.08KB
View the PDF documentEnvironmental Considerations of Human Displacement in Liberia - A Guide for Decision-Makers and Practitioners (UNEP; 2006; 157 pages) - 3.02MB
View the PDF documentEnvironmental Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation in LWF/DWS (LWF/WS-Eritrea; 2003; 36 pages) - 237.19KB
View the PDF documentESC coordinator training - Capacitación de Coordinadores de ASRE (2007; 2 pages) - 49.79KB
View the PDF documentExample - Assessment Pathway for PWSN (PWSN; 1 page) - 14.86KB
View the PDF documentExamples from UN Agencies and Partner Organisations of Field-based Initiatives Supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IASC, OCHA; 1999; 89 pages) - 2.33MB
View the PDF documentExpert Seminar on Protracted IDP Situations (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement; 2007; 51 pages) - 292.98KB