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This page lists the documents in the library according to the first letter in the document title. To display a list of documents starting with a character (e.g. A) click on the corresponding letter. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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19 documents on 1 page in this set  
View the PDF documentDanish Refugee Council - Internal Displacement Profiling Toolbox (DRC; 2008; 23 pages) - 97.40KB
View the PDF documentDarfur - Livelihoods under Siege (Feinstein International Famine Center; 2005; 212 pages) - 2.18MB
View the PDF documentDeclaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power (1985; 3 pages) - 13.95KB
View the PDF documentDelivering as One - Report of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel (UN; 2006; 58 pages) - 542.00KB
View the PDF documentDesigning Protection Strategies and Measuring Progress: Checklist for UNHCR Staff (UNHCR; 2002; 41 pages) - 316.45KB
View the PDF documentDevelopment-induced Displacement (IDMC, NRC; 6 pages) - 66.97KB
View the PDF documentDiagnostic Tool to Assist HCs and Humanitarian Country Teams in Preparing for Implementation of the Cluster Approach in Ongoing Emergencies (2 pages) - 16.95KB
View the PDF documentDirect Assistance to a Person with Specific Needs (PWSN) (UNHCR; 2 pages) - 21.30KB
View the PDF documentDisaster-induced Displacement (IDMC, NRC; 6 pages) - 98.32KB
View the PDF documentDisplaced Women and Girls At Risk: Risk Factors, Protection Solutions and Resource Tools (WCRWC; 2006; 56 pages) - 233.79KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Age Group and Sex (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 130.24KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Camp Facilities (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 142.68KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Camp Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 142.27KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Refugee Population: Lots (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 118.56KB
View the PDF documentDjabal Vulnerability (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 120.29KB
View the PDF documentDraft Framework for the Return or Resettlement and Reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda (2005; 16 pages) - 131.69KB
View the PDF documentDraft Oxfam Operational Guidelines - Site Selection for Temporary Settlements (Oxfam International; 13 pages) - 46.23KB
View the PDF documentDurable Solutions (IDMC, NRC; 23 pages) - 132.40KB
View the PDF documentDurable Solutions to Internal Displacement: Key Concepts (IDMC, NRC; 2 pages) - 58.71KB