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View the PDF documentA Handy Guide to UNHCR Emergency Standards and Indicators (UNHCR; 2000; 41 pages) - 722.38KB
View the PDF documentHIV-related Needs in Internally Displaced Persons and Other Conflict-affected Populations: A Rapid Situation Assessment Tool (UNAIDS, UNHCR; 2007; 72 pages) - 612.75KB
View the PDF documentHousing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Displaced Persons - Implementing the ‘Pinheiro Principles’ (FAO, IDMC, NRC, OCHA, UN-HABITAT, UNHCR, UNOHCHR; 2007; 114 pages) - 1.43MB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights and Natural Disasters - Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, IASC; 2008; 93 pages) - 628.15KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights Guidance Note for Humanitarian Coordinators (IASC; 2006; 24 pages) - 319.45KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights: A Basic Handbook for UN Staff (UNOHCHR, UNSCP; 127 pages) - 803.68KB
View the PDF documentHuman Rights: A Handbook for Parliamentarians (IPU, UNOHCHR; 2005; 198 pages) - 2.68MB
View the PDF documentHumanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups - A Manual for Practitioners (OCHA; 2006; 97 pages) - 1.37MB
View the PDF documentIASC Gender Handbook - Gender and Education in Emergencies (IASC; 2006; 9 pages) - 150.47KB
View the PDF documentIASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC; 2007; 99 pages) - 830.42KB
View the PDF documentIASC Interim Self-Assessment of Implementation of the Cluster Approach in the Field (IASC; 2006; 53 pages) - 529.39KB
View the PDF documentIDP Camp Coordination and Camp Management - A Framework for UNHCR Offices (UNHCR; 2006; 15 pages) - 54.88KB
View the PDF documentIDP Rapid Assessment Form for Afghanistan - Guidelines for Users (1 page) - 16.49KB
View the PDF documentIDP Registration Form (Level 2) (Kenya Red Cross Society, UNHCR; 2 pages) - 83.26KB
View the PDF documentIDP Registration Level 1 (Kenya Red Cross Society, UNHCR; 2 pages) - 35.25KB
View the PDF documentIDP Reporting Format - Bi-Weekly Updates on the Roll Out of the Cluster Approach (UNHCR; 1 page) - 15.76KB
View the PDF documentIndicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming: A Users’ Guide (UNDP; 2006; 32 pages) - 829.08KB
View the PDF documentINEE - Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction (INEE; 2004; 78 pages) - 1.02MB
View the PDF documentInformation and Accession Package: The 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons and the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (UNHCR; 1999; 20 pages) - 267.91KB
View the PDF documentInformation Management Chart - Kenya (2008; 1 page) - 3.19KB
View the PDF documentInformation Management Session - Part Two (IFRC; 2007; 2 pages) - 154.48KB
View the PDF documentIntegrating Protection Into Food Aid (WFP; 2007; 2 pages) - 558.62KB
View the PDF documentInter-Agency Contingency Planning Guidelines for Humanitarian Assistance (IASC; 2007; 46 pages) - 2.18MB
View the PDF documentInter-agency Guiding Principles on Unaccompanied and Separated Children (ICRC, IRC, SCUK, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Vision; 2004; 37 pages) - 470.74KB
View the PDF documentInterim Working Group on Camp Coordination and Management - Final Report (IASC; 2005; 18 pages) - 79.99KB
View the PDF documentInternally Displaced Children and Adolescents (IDMC, NRC; 8 pages) - 96.44KB
View the PDF documentThe Internally Displaced in Sri Lanka Discussion Paper on Equity (CARE, Christian Aid, Jaffna Social Action Centre, NRC, OCHA, Oxfam International, UNDP, UNHCR, Zoa Refugee CARE; 2005; 26 pages) - 849.07KB
View the PDF documentInternally Displaced People (ICRC; 2007; 32 pages) - 983.89KB
View the PDF documentInternally Displaced People - Questions & Answers (UNHCR; 2008; 17 pages) - 97.54KB
View the PDF documentInternational Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights (UNAIDS, UNOHCHR; 2006; 120 pages) - 825.71KB
View the PDF documentInternational Humanitarian Law: Answers to Your Questions (ICRC; 2002; 44 pages) - 1.09MB
View the PDF documentIntroduction to Emergency Shelter (2007; 4 paginas) - 447.38KB
View the PDF documentAn Introduction to Mine Risk Education (IMAS; 2005; 42 pages) - 383.16KB
View the PDF documentIntroduction to OCHA and the “Humanitarian Environment” (OCHA; 2006; 21 pages) - 259.69KB
View the PDF documentIOM and Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster: Update (IOM; 2006; 2 pages) - 74.72KB
View the PDF documentThe IOM Handbook on Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking (IOM; 2007; 356 pages) - 1.92MB
View the PDF documentJuvenile Justice - Modern Concepts in Working with Children in Conflict with the Law (SCUK; 2004; 174 pages) - 613.39KB
View the PDF documentKenya Post Elections Crisis - Areas of Operation by Hub (WFP/VAM; 2008; 1 page) - 1.68MB
View the PDF documentKenya Red Cross - Post-Election Violence Update - Eldoret Showground Camp (Kenya Red Cross Society; 2008; 9 pages) - 264.25KB
View the PDF documentKenya Red Cross - Post-Election Violence Update - Kenya Humanitarian Forum Meeting (Kenya Red Cross Society; 2008; 28 pages) - 756.42KB
View the PDF documentKenya: Displacement and Humanitarian Response (UN; 2008; 1 page) - 375.06KB
View the PDF documentLessons Learned - Pakistan - Eseñanzas - Pakistan (2007; 1 pagina) - 44.04KB
View the PDF documentLessons Learned Lebanon Presentation (UNHCR; 2006; 3 pages) - 328.52KB
View the PDF documentLetter of Understanding on the Return and Re-Integration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan (3 pages) - 56.31KB
View the PDF documentThe Lost Ones: Emergency Care and Family Tracing for Separated Children from Birth to Five Years (UNICEF; 2007; 54 pages) - 902.18KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Age Group and Sex (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 209.72KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Camp Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 188.05KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Sectoral Overview (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 186.75KB
View the PDF documentLugufu I - Water Sector (UNHCR; 2005; 1 page) - 223.62KB
View the PDF documentMapping in Support to Camp Coordination and Management (FICSS/DOS; 2006; 1 page) - 24.02KB
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