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This page lists the documents in the library according to the first letter in the document title. To display a list of documents starting with a character (e.g. A) click on the corresponding letter. Publications are available in PDF format. Click on the corresponding icon to open the publication.
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View the PDF documentNational Human Rights Institutions and Internally Displaced Persons (IDMC, NRC; 3 pages) - 47.90KB
View the PDF documentNationality and Statelessness: A Handbook for Parliamentarians (IPU, UNHCR; 2005; 70 pages) - 548.61KB
View the PDF documentIn Need of Durable Solutions: The Revolving Door of Internal Displacement in West Africa (IDMC, NRC; 2006; 36 pages) - 1.30MB
View the PDF documentThe Needs Analysis Framework - Strengthening the Process of Analysis and Presentation of Humanitarian Needs in the CAP (IASC; 2006; 31 pages) - 144.32KB
View the PDF documentNetwork Paper: Protecting and Assisting Older People in Emergencies (HPN; 2005; 36 pages) - 574.97KB
View the PDF documentNew Housing, Land and Property Restitution Rights (2 pages) - 235.56KB
View the PDF documentNote from the Secretary-General - Guidance on Integrated Missions (UN; 2006; 6 pages) - 313.60KB
View the PDF documentNote on HIV/AIDS and the Protection of Refugees, IDPs and Other Persons of Concern (UNHCR; 2006; 15 pages) - 147.65KB
View the PDF documentNRC Site Monitoring Form, Batticaloa (NRC; 5 pages) - 23.88KB
View the PDF documentNutrition in Emergencies: WFP Experiences and Challenges (WFP; 2004; 17 pages) - 409.10KB